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Resolution No. 188 of the National Water Agency

Did you know that the new ANA Resolution No. 188, dated March 20, 2024, is redefining how producers should monitor water use? With this new regulation, all regularized users of water bodies in the union must self-monitor the use of water resources.

Imagem do Rio Uruguai captura por Drone

What is resolution No. 188?

In summary, the resolution imposes that, after a deadline defined by ANA, producers who use water from some rivers will need to monitor and report their water use. There are three types of monitoring determined by the ANA.

Types of monitoring

Indirect monitoring: Here, the volume is estimated from another measured variable. For example, the operating time of the electric motor of the hydraulic pump and the volume of water used is calculated.

Direct monitoring: This type of monitoring uses flow meters to directly measure flow and volume. These devices provide accurate readings by measuring water flow directly at the point of interest.

Telemetry: Uses a flow meter, the same as direct monitoring, but the user must send/transmit measurement data from the collection points to the ANA server every 15 minutes.

Impact for the producer

Adapting to this new measure can be a complex and painful process. Defining which type of monitoring, installing meters, continuously sending data and maintaining equipment throughout the harvest represent significant challenges both in terms of cost and time.

Foto de Drone de uma barragem com INTEGRO instalado

Our solution

Eletroeste is prepared and ready to help producers with Integro, a solution that meets the requirements of ANA Resolution No. 188. We take care of the monitoring process and sending data to ANA, our platform GUARANTEES compliance with the standard, as well as offering additional features that make the producer's life easier and reduce operational costs.

With INTEGRO, you can focus on your essential activities while we take care of the complex self-monitoring process. Leave the challenges to us and enjoy an efficient and hassle-free solution.

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