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INTEGRO is an IoT technology platform focused on pumping and irrigation systems, designed to make agricultural and industrial operations more efficient.

Offers comprehensive monitoring with flow meters, fixtures and advanced sensors to provide instant insights into the use of resources such as water and energy.


Simplifies complexity with an easy-to-use interface, enabling informed and accurate decisions.


By choosing INTEGRO, you invest in a smarter future for your agricultural and industrial operations, taking advantage of technological developments in agriculture. It's a new era of smart decisions, where your data and success are in your hands.

Discover the INTEGRO modules

Motor Drive

Controlling the engine and obtaining information remotely from pumping systems is highly effective in distant or difficult-to-access locations, avoiding unnecessary expenditure of time and money on travel.

Water Monitoring

Do you know your water usage?

Measuring the flow of the pumping system is essentiall to evaluate its operation and sizing. We use the MWU-100 ultrasonic flow meter, widely adopted in Brazilian industry and agriculture, to carry out these measurements effectively.

Foto capturada por drone do Rio Uruguai
Logo do módulo automonitoramento

Self-Monitoring Module

The complete solution to meet the demand for self-monitoring in accordance with Resolution No. 188 of the ANA (National Water Agency) is now available. With this module, we offer an end-to-end service, ranging from measurement to sending data directly to ANA.

Electrical Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of a pumping system's electrical information is essential to avoid non-essential electricity expenses, as this cost has a direct impact on production.

Frequency inverter

Remote operation of engine speed control via a frequency inverter using INTEGRO is surprisingly uncomplicated. Additionally, you will have access to key information about your equipment, which can be useful in failure situations or to receive alerts about the need for maintenance. Below, we present the data that you will have access to using our system.

Dam Level

Monitoring the water volume in your dam/reservoir in real time is crucial for effective planning of your crops and needs.

Tanque de combustível
Logo do módulo nível de combustíveis.

Fuel Level

Monitor the level and volume of your fuel tank in real-time. With our detailed reports, you will have precise daily access to your fuel usage.

Vibration Monitoring

Monitor your motor's vibration in real-time to ensure its optimal performance, identify potential issues before they become serious, and speed up the maintenance process. This continuous monitoring can extend your motor's lifespan and reduce downtime.

Foto de um motor com o Integro módulo vibração instalado.
Logo do módulo vibração.
Foto do Integro instalado ao lado de um canal aberto.
Logo do módulo nível de canais.

Irrigation Canals

Monitor the water level of your open channel in real-time to ensure efficient use of water resources and quickly detect any problems. This continuous monitoring allows for more accurate and rapid management, helping to prevent waste and resolve issues more efficiently.

Water Management Module

The water management module provides a comprehensive solution for sharing water usage in reservoirs, offering detailed daily reports on each producer's water consumption. Additionally, it provides accurate forecasts to assist in strategic decision-making during the growing season, ensuring efficient and sustainable water resource management.

Foto de uma barragem ao pôr do sol.
Logo do módulo gestão hídrica.


Flow for Open Canals

In the same way as water monitoring, whether using our own flumes or yours, we can monitor the flow of an open canal or an irrigation system.


Receive alerts directly on your cell phone. With the module installed, you will be notified of any anomalies in the functioning of the pumping system, allowing a faster response to resolve problems.


Transform a TV or monitor into a monitoring center for your pumping systems, providing quick and easy access to key information for everyone involved in the process.


We offer flexibility for the creation of new modules, allowing the integration of specific equipment desired by the customer into INTEGRO. This approach aims to add personalized functionalities, meeting the individual needs and preferences of each client.

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