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Eletroeste has been operating since 1993 as a supplier of electrical materials, where we have a physical store in Uruguaiana/RS and also providing engineering services and execution of works in the electrical sector throughout the Western Border of Rio Grande do Sul.

We have been delivering effective solutions for our customers for 30 years.

Over the last 30 years, we have successfully installed 122,000 kW of load in collaboration with the energy utility, thanks to our highly qualified team of engineers and technicians specializing in Automation, Electrical and IT, who have extensive experience in the sector.


Eletroeste maintains partnerships with companies and universities in various engineering fields, which drives the creation of innovative solutions for national and international markets. The company operates in sectors such as electrical materials, electrical networks, pump drives, flow meters, photovoltaic systems and electronics for IoT. Their focus is on technical knowledge, credibility, trust and hard work from the start.

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