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As a reliable partner in the field of technology, we present an offer of electric engines from the renowned ABB brand, covering a diverse range of powers. This equipment stands out for its exceptional quality and incorporates cutting-edge technology.

Each engine comes with a three-year factory warranty, reflecting our ongoing commitment to providing excellent products that boast both high performance and remarkable durability.


Our close partnership with ABB puts us in a position to offer complete and efficient solutions. ABB has the tools and knowledge needed to drive applications to achieve improved levels of energy efficiency and savings, even in adverse and challenging scenarios. When you choose our ABB electric engine offering, you are choosing a path that promotes not only reliability, but also technological innovation for the best possible results.

Various powers.
Three year factory warranty.
Single-phase or three-phase.
Different assembly models.
Options with 2, 4, 6 or 8 poles.
In stock and fast delivery.
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