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We are experts in flow measurement, operating since 2006. We currently have solutions for ALL water measurement applications.

Our work began in 2006 when flow meters were rarely used and pumping system flows were estimated rather than measured. 

So in 2006 we developed our Portable Flow Meter and in 2007 we put it on the market. Since then, we have continued to evolve towards fixed, portable, open channel, full and partially filled pipe solutions so that today we have a solution for any type of water flow measurement.

In this story we also have a great contribution and are proud to mention that our participation in the region that produces the most rice in Brazil means that these producers are the ones who most understand water use in Brazil.

And not only in RS, we have already participated in several projects in Brazil in Tocantins, Goiás and Minas Gerais.

Discover our flow meters

MWU-100 flow meter

Fixed measurement
Ultrasonic type
Non-intrusive – easy maintenance
Minimum distance  10 x DN

MWU-P06 flow meter

Portable Measurement
Ultrasonic type
Minimum distance  10 x DN

Flow meter for open canals - Flowatch

Portable Measurement
Rotor type
Open channels and open pipes
Representative in Brazil – Flow
Switzerland - JDC Electronics

Flow meter for open canals

Portable and fixed measurement
Ultrasonic Doppler type
Sewage and river water
Open canals, full or partial piping
Representative in Brazil

England - MainStream

Flow meter for open canals - Flumes

Fixed Measurement
Type flume
Open canals

In your applications, the fluid is not water?

Remember that we are experts in flow measurement, contact us!

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