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We present MAXIMUS, electrical panels for pumping systems, specially optimized to meet AGRO's requirements. This product has been meticulously designed to set new standards in efficiency and control, reflecting our irrevocable commitment to innovation and the constant search for targeted solutions to the challenges inherent to the sector.

Our structure encompasses a complete spectrum of services, from the precise commissioning of equipment to satisfy your needs, to the assembly of control panels, the adaptation of electrical installations for perfect integration, personalized programming and specialized technical support that acts as a foundation for the continued success of your operations.


Frequency Inverters and Soft-Starters can also be used in control panels for silos and dryers, demonstrating our ability to provide versatile solutions that adapt to different applications.

With the union of MAXIMUS andIntegrity We provide a “connected panel” where we have remote monitoring and control of the electrical panel.

With MAXIMUS at your disposal, we are ready to shape the present and the futureof your agricultural enterprise, giving you the competitive advantage you seek.

We are currently technical assistance for brands 

Partners Module
We connect your sensor, make the data available, generate reports for remote access for your customers to make assertive decisions.
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